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QT Alumni Alliance

Refining The Skills To Enjoy Retirement Sooner

This is the exclusive group coaching program ONLY for the 

Alumni of Short Window Retirement Planning

This program is on a first come first serve basis. Spots will be limited by the nature of the small group so that Dr. Fred can address your needs and concerns.

I Understand The Following

 >> This coaching offer is for live Small Group coaching directly with Dr. Fred.

>> We will meet 2x per month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month starting at 7PM EST. Days will be adjusted for holidays and Dr. Fred's travel schedule.

>> All these Zoom calls will be recorded and available, once processed, after the calls in the course Member's Area for review.

>> Recordings will be available up to 60 days after the end group coaching program. 

>> These calls will be interactive. Be prepared to share your questions and your screen. 

>> We will discuss your back and forward testing, as well as your current live trades.

>> Dr. Fred will NOT provide any specific trading recommendations!

>> We can/will discuss your reasoning and thoughts concerning current or past trades. 

>> This is a 6 month group coaching program.

>> There are 3 payment options. All payments are non-refundable.

**As a Founder's BONUS for Alumni that join before 5/10/2024 an EXTRA Free month will be added, for a TOTAL of 7 months instead of six.

Hope to see you there...