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HERO the Documentary

NOVEMBER 10-17, 2023


I’m so excited to share the official trailer for our upcoming HERO film, for which I was an Executive Producer, which releases in 2024.

Rooted in Joseph Campbell's ‘Hero’s Journey,’ this film challenges the notion that heroes possess superhuman abilities, emphasizing that everyone can be the hero of their own story by unlocking their innate potential.

Featuring interviews with diverse figures such as:

  • Former Navy Seal turned Hollywood actor/director Remi Adeleke
  • America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer recipient, singer/songwriter Mandy Harvey
  • 2x UFC Champion Dominick Cruz
  • Double world-record holder Laura Penhaul

And also featuring best-selling authors Jim Kwik, Danielle LaPorte, Shefali Tsabary, Steve Sims, John Stix, and Joseph Campbell Foundation board of directors member Kwame Scruggs, Ph.D.

HERO offers practical insights, tips, and a blueprint for personal transformation.

PS - Want to help us spread the word about this film?

We have a bold mission to impact a million people, and would love as many people as possible to experience HERO.

We screened this film a few weeks ago and the response was extraordinary. We know this movie will changes lives. 

NOVEMBER 10-17, 2023

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