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Special On Line Training for People 50 and Older

Short Window Retirement Planning: How To Retire in 3-5 Years In ANY Economy Starting With As Little As $10,000

Here is some of what I'll cover:

Why the old 30-year model of saving for retirement is keeping people working into their 80s and beyond just to survive and what to do to be able to retire in the next 3-5 years.  …no matter what is happening in the economy or the world. (This is mission-critical information, especially with what is happening in the now.)

How Short Window Retirement Planning can get YOU the retirement that you dreamed of when you were in your 30s. (Yes, it is possible, and when you see the complete model, you’ll understand why it’s so effective.)

How using George Costanza's retirement secret will leapfrog you over 90% of all other retirees and pre-retirees. (This principle is shockingly simple, but only the bravest of the brave will ever use it. See if that's you when you tune in.)

The ONE THING that’ll turn you into retirement cash flow royalty allowing you to have your Ultimate Secure Retirement. (Do this, and you’ll immediately escape the deadly “I’ll work till I die trap.” That is more crucial than ever for thriving now and in the future.)

The three biggest mistakes that kill Your Retirement and what to do instead. (Almost everyone makes these mistakes. Fix them, and your retirement cash flow will skyrocket.)

How Short Window Retirement Planning will allow you to sidestep the retirement killing stock market crashes that happen every 7-10 years. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear with your returns as the rest of the world is crying over their losses. (This is the most controversial part of the training, but you’ll see how to get returns that people didn’t think were possible and do it year after year in less than 20 minutes a day.)

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DR FRED ROUSE, CFP  International Best Selling Author and top national award winning Certified Financial Planner Emeritus. The developer and nation's leading expert in Short Window Retirement Planning. With over 30 years of practical street wise experience working with select individuals and small businesses with 0-6 employees.

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