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Dr Fred Rouse CFP

Short Window Retirement Planning Because
Some People Want To Retire In Just 3-5 Years
Starting With As Little As $10,000

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Short Window Retirement Planning

In this live demonstration you'll see the exact method that people 50 and older from truck drivers & waitresses to Physicians, Lawyers, and Engineers are using to retire in just 3-5 years, never "needing" to work again.

During Your Live Demonstration You'll Discover:

Why the current financial services and planners are not addressing your needs and WHY you need a different approach to generating cash flow in retirement

The three critical characteristics that you and your retirement planning must possess in order to successfully generate the cash flow you’ll need in retirement.

This is a live demo designed to show you how grow your retirement cash flow and have the ability to retire in the next 3-5 years. There is nothing to buy and there will be no replays.

Meet The Host

The REAL Money Doctor

Dr. Fred Rouse is the top Certified Financial
Planner and award-winning international
bestselling author of The Soul of Success with
Jack Canfield. He co-authored a 2nd best seller
Cracking The Code To Success with Brian
Tracy. He developed Short Window
Retirement Planning. The Only program
designed specifically for people in their 50s &
60s showing how to retire in just 3-5 years
starting with as little as $10,000.

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