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"…if you want to take your life to the next level financially, QuietTrader.com. Take advantage of Fred Rouse and all that he’s learned and he can help you get to where you want to go.

- Jack Canfield
International Best Selling Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series, 250 titles and 500 million copies in print in over 40 languages

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" I thought I would need to be working until the day I died before I saw this. Now I see a clear path to at least a comfortable retirement and I learned how to do it in less than 2 hours a week. I just followed the steps in the course. Now, just like you said I spend maybe 15 mins a day to look at a few charts. Thanks..

- Todd M. 
Syracuse, NY

" My husband has been laid off three times in the last 5 years. What little pension money we had, we had to use. Thanks for making the course so affordable. When I started my family thought I was crazy getting your course. Now they want to know how we're doing it and how we turned things around. Dr. Fred, your course walked us through everything. Thanks

- Jen T. 
Knoxville TN

" I never traded before. Your course made sense to me. I feel like this is the best way for me get control of my money and my life. Thanks, Dr Fred

- Tanya N. 
Olympia WA

" Without a doubt, the single best investment I made in my 34 years of working. No one ever showed me how simple it really is. It would have been nice if I knew about this years ago. I would have stopped working then. I like the way I can make money every month just by spending 10 minutes looking at a couple of charts at the end of the day.

- Mark A. 
Athens TX

" I had my own business for years. The daily hustle of trying to make money and dealing with customers, employees and suppliers got old years ago. This is the best thing I've seen in all that time. On top of being a great way to make money with almost no effort and less that 20 minutes a day, knowing how to make it totally tax free is amazing. Not one CPA, stockbroker or attorney EVER told me how to do this. Thanks Dr Fred.

- Joe M. 
Minneapolis MN

" Thanks again for access to this course. I have found it very interesting. There is a lot of information, all of which I was not even aware existed. I am excited for the opportunity, but also realize how much I don't know, and how much I still need to learn. Overall, I find the information really helpful and, again, and very grateful for the opportunity.

- Zack V. 
Exton PA

This course has been extremely helpful. I wanted to find another stream of income without picking up another job, since I am already working and away from home for 12hrs a day. The only problem was that I knew nothing about trading. I wasn't even clear on some of the most common terminology. This course not only gave me a better understanding of trading, but gave me the tools I need to create that new income stream - confidently. The best part is that I can accomplish that in less than an hour a night once everything has settled down. The course does a great job in explaining many of the different indicators and ways of interpreting and reading data, but helps you hone in on what actually works and gives you all the tools you need to jump in with confidence. The checks and balances built in to the system are clutch!

My thoughts about the REAL Money Doctor's Ultimate Secure Retirement Rx

"Dr Fred Rouse is The Real Money Doctor. Every time he shares content and information you should listen. He is battle tested and consistent, and has a message that hits most people right when they need it most. In a time when the majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and have less than $10,000 in savings, we need a voice like Dr Fred's to help us create a better future for ourselves.

-Greg Rollett
International Best Selling Author, 7 Figure Entrepreneur, Business Coach, CEO and Emmy Award winning Producer

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"I'm 64 years old. I've never seen anything like this before. It would have made things much easier If I had this when I was 40. Thanks for making it so easy and affordable to get started. Now I can see how I won't have to worry about working at that diner forever. Maybe only another year or so. Thanks Dr Fred

-Joan S. 
Palo Alta CA

"Dr Fred, I didn't know anything about money and investing before I got started. This covered all the basics first. I feel like I finally know what's going on. This is the best thing I've seen in years. I finally have a way out.  I don't have to worry about moving in with the kids any more.  In fact, I'll have enough money soon that I can start helping them. Thanks

- Chris D. 
Cottonwood AZ

"I lost over 40% of my retirement money in the last market crash and it took me over 4 years just to get back to even. Your system has me in and out of trades in 1-4 days. The Ultimate Secure Retirement Rx will keep me out of major market crashes and still shows me how to make a large number of consistent winning trades that make money. Thanks Dr. Fred.

- Mike B. 
St Cloud MN

"Dr Fred, I moved down to Tampa from New York city for the weather and to cut my expenses. My Social Security and small pension checks were not going as far as I thought they would. I was beginning to feel panicked. I was on facebook and I saw the video from your book launch and then got your mini course. It's like you were in my head. You described me to a T. It was a bit of a jump for me taking your course but I didn't see any other way that at least gave me a chance. I'm glad I did it. I never traded before. You covered everything. I didn't know how much I didn't know about money and how to make it. Your system made sense and was easy to learn, even for me. I'm not that young any more. I just did what you said in the course and I'm starting to make some money consistently. I'm not getting rich overnight. I am making money every month and my account is growing. I don't have that stress anymore. Instead of worrying about running out of money, now I have to figure out who I want to leave the excess to. Thanks. You've made all the difference in the world to me..

- Bernie T. 
Tampa FL

" Dr Fred, I never traded before. I thought that was something they just did on Wall Street. I didn’t know anything about commodities either before taking your course. I was more than a little nervous at first. The double guarantee helped, but honestly I had nowhere else to go. At 61 I was getting “eased” out of my job. With my husband on disability and his small SS check, we didn’t have a lot of money saved and my 401k was just starting to get back to where it was before the last crash. I had to do something and your course was it. The winning trades are consistent and the money is really starting to flow in every month. I’m still only trading one contract at a time but it looks like I’ll be moving up to two contracts soon and my profits should double then just like you showed in your course. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve turned around what was about to be a dismal existence to something that Marty and I can look forward to. Bless you.

- Jessica B. 
Modesto CA