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Here's Your 5 Week VIP Fast Track Accountability Program To Enjoy Your Retirement Sooner Starting with As Little As $5,000 Using Short Window Retirement Planning: Cash-Machine System

Congratulations on getting this far in the process and enrolling in my program.
Because I'm actually retired, I only select an extremely small number of people to work with in this special VIP Fast Track Accountability program, and you are one of them!

However, due to my time commitment to my VIP Students I ONLY take on 2 VIP Students at any time.  You will be notified within 72 hours IF you are accepted into the VIP program.  If you are not accepted, you will be notified and will automatically be placed into the base DIY program and excess funds will be returned to the card used for your investment.

So What Specifically Do You Get With Comprehensive Short Window Retirement Planning 

  • Short Window Retirement Planning Educational System for your Ultimate Secure Retirement; Nine (9) weeks of highly specialized training on business, money, commodities, and trading presented in an easy to understand way; with built in quizzes that reinforce the important point to make learning even easier an easy $6,000 value
  • Student Forum built directly in the lessons; this allows Students to communicate directly with each other in a group so you're never alone in your journey to your ultimate secure retirement. This compounds your ability to move forward confidently so you can enjoy your retirement sooner, an easy $1,000 value
  • Personal Business Plan Template; allows you to develop your personal business plan for business success; a $600 Value
  • Personal Trading Plan Template; To help you develop your personal trading plan for your trading success a $600 Value
  • Quiet Trader EOD Trading System; One week of training detailing EXACTLY How this system works and HOW YOU can use it in just 20 mins a day and easy $5,000 Value
  • Quiet Trader Indicators; This combined with the EOD Trading System is the result of 10 years of research and over 350K in direct out of pocket expense to develop. It plots the price information so we can use it with the Quiet Trader System. We provide the files that you can import into the provided trading program AND give you the exact setting to use with any trading program $3,000 Value
  • Quiet Trader Battle Plan Trading Checklist; You'll know exactly to buy or sell, at what price to get in, what price to get out with a predetermined profit, and if the trade goes bad (we can't win 100% of them), where to get out to limit the loss. You know it all BEFORE you ever put a trade on. It's your crystal ball to trading. An easy $2,000 Value
  • Quiet Trader After Action Report; Detail analysis to Improve your trading by analyzing any trade that didn't get you money when it was expected. This tool lets us constantly improve our trading so we get a higher percentage of winning trades the longer we use the system. a $600 Value
  • In & Out of Retirement Deductions Tax Course; Know What to deduct to save tax dollars a $197 Value
  • Tax Free Retirement Growth System; Learn HOW to make all this money Completely Tax Free $10,000 Value
  • Support Desk and Supplemental Knowledge Base; Is there for you 24/7 so you're never alone if you have questions and need supplemental information on various topics in the program. An unquestioned $2,500 Value
  • Quiet Trader Alumni Group; Once you've completed Lesson 9, you become eligible to join this exclusive group. Here, Students discuss their Back and Forward testing of the system so they refine their hands-on skills so you get the added confidence and experience with your two commodities. Getting 80% winning trades in your backtesting and a minimum of 70% winning trades in your forward testing allow you to prove to yourself that the system works AND that you've got the skills and experience to make money with the system BEFORE you ever risk a dollar in the market. Some Students that are trading their live account have also shared their successes in the group and how much money they've made with the program. An unquestioned $2,500 Value
  • A 6-month license for your personal use, to access the program and supporting materials. Special Bonus access for the life of the program for Students in good standing. $2,000 Value
    • 5 Personal one on one calls with Dr. Rouse to Mentor and Guide you along the process from Start to backtesting.  An unquestioned $50,000 Value
  • Having the Knowledge and Skills to Control Your Secure Financial Retirement for the Rest of Your Life.   Priceless Value
    • TOTAL PROGRAM VALUE WITH THE BONUSES....................................................................................$85,997

    Your VIP Personal Accountability Program

    For a VERY select few...

    This program is NOT for everyone, and admission to the VIP fast track Accountability Program is extremely limited based on Dr Rouse's schedule.

    You get all of the above in our Comprehensive Short Window Retirement Planning program ....

    AND 5 scheduled weekly calls direct with Dr Rouse to Fast Track your progress in this accountability program cutting the normal 9 week process to just 5 weeks.

    This is for Students that want to Fast Track their progress and go from start to backtesting in just 5 short weeks.

    After acceptance into the program, there will be 1 scheduled call a week for 5 weeks.

    Each week 2 modules will be discussed. The Student is responsible for reading the modules before the call. Questions on those 2 modules will be discussed on the call.

    Dr. Rouse will check your progress on weekly assigned lessons and personally answer your questions along the way on the weekly scheduled calls.

    The week 5 call will specifically discuss the QT EOD Scalping System and how to proceed with backtesting the 2 commodities that the Student selected earlier in the program.

    Once accepted into the program, because Dr Fred  scheduled the time, the Payment for this program is made in full before the first call and is non refundable.

    The investment for this VIP Fast Track Accountability program is $15,000.

    This program is for committed individuals that want to fast-track their learning.

    You will also be required to have specific trading software. There is a free version of this software the seems to work fine for this program.

    Dr Rouse reserves the right to decline acceptance into the VIP program. If he does, you will automatically be placed into the base DIY program and excess funds will be returned to the card used for your investment.

    Choose your enrollment option below:

    Yes, Dr Fred, I want to get faster financial independence and have the option to enjoy my retirement in the next 3-5 years without risking a dollar in the stock market. I understand that this is my best option based on the short window of time I have available to personally control my life and finances, and to make any substantial consistent and predictable difference in my cash flow. 

    I'll receive two emails with instructions and access to Dr Fred's Exclusive Member's Area once Dr. Fred personally approves my enrollment. I'll also check my spam folder for these emails and then whitelist the email address.

    On that basis, here is my order!

    CAUTION: Because of Dr Fred's personal involvement with students there are ONLY a limited number of openings at any time. If you click the link and you are NOT taken to an order form, there may not be any spots available at this time.

    I have become a successful trader because of this course 

    Karen Rounds

    First and foremost a sincere thanks to Dr. Fred for creating this course. I have become a successful trader because of this course and I am indebted to him for creating a comfortable retirement! Please know that this is an extraordinary program that Dr. Fred has created and if you follow his teachings you will succeed!! Thanks Dr. Fred!

    I am 3 years in now and making enough income to retire.

    Jim Blanceet

    I owe Dr. Fred Rouse a huge THANK YOU! The Quiet Trader program delivered everything I expected. I am 3 years in now and making enough income to retire. I followed the program as closely as I could without trying to speed through it. I made my first trade 7 months into studying the chapters and doing back and forward testing. What I have found is that when I follow the program exactly, I come out on top.

    I am now earning on average about $30K per month 

    bill simons

    I was reflecting on my path to become a trader for short term retirement since it’s been well over a year since I began down this path. I can say with the utmost certainty that I would not be earning the profit I am now earning without your course and probably would have given up at some point like most do. I am now earning on average about $30K per month.