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Short Window Retirement Planning

Here's what Students and others have to say...

have doubled my initial account size during my first month of trading

robert b.

My closed-out profits are at 100%. I have doubled my initial account size during my first month of trading. I am very happy with these trade results.

Thank you very much for all you have taught during the study portion of learning this QT Trading System. And thank you for having provided the support that goes into the actual trade execution routine. I can’t thank you enough for all of this. And, I am still learning!

I am now earning on average about $30K per month

bill simmons

I was reflecting on my path to become a trader for short term retirement since it’s been well over a year since I began down this path. I can say with the utmost certainty that I would not be earning the profit I am now earning without your course and probably would have given up at some point like most do. I am now earning on average about $30K per month.

Dr. Rouse is a National Award winning Former (by choice) Certified Financial Planner, Multiple Bestselling Author and the Nations Leading Expert in Short Window Retirement Planning

And if you want to know more about what makes the

Short Window Retirement Planning Cash Machine System® unique...

Here’s ten reasons that our Students tell us why we are their #1 choice when it comes to a Cash-Machine System and getting the predictable cash flow they’ll need to enjoy their retirement sooner with their ultimate secure retirement lifestyle without risking a dollar in the stock market.

Reason #1: The Cash-Machine System that is: Short Window Retirement Planning®, is The only program that’s proven effective in achieving financial independence within 3 – 5 years.

If I could wave a magic wand and make you rich overnight, that would be great. But I can’t, and you will already know that.

If you're 50+ then you’ve probably already seen tons of get rich schemes.  …”Do this and in 60-90 days you can move from a one bedroom rented apartment to owning the 30,000 square foot beach side mansion with your Lamborghini in the driveway.”

The problem is they just don’t work.

At the other end are all the financial planners that want you to sell you overpriced "financial plans" and tell you to save $1,000 per month buying mutual funds, annuities and life insurance (as an investment) for 30 years and at the end of that time you might have 1.5 million dollars if the market doesn’t crash too close to your planned retirement date.

You may have tried that and found that because of job layoffs, an ever-changing economy, family events and just life in general that you couldn’t keep that saving schedule.

With Short Window Retirement Planning®,  we show you how to take a $5,000 account and in just 3-5 years generate the consistent, predictable cash flow you’ll need for your ultimate secure retirement without worrying about a job or the market crashes that happen every 7-10 years.

And, with Short Window Retirement Planning®, you will be basically unaffected by the 2-3 market crashes that you will need to live through WHILE you actually retired because your trading account sits in cash, off to the side. 

You're ONLY in the market 2-3 times per month per commodity. When you put a trade on, you're ONLY risking 2-5% of your account at any point and with this system you're only in a trade for a maximum of just 4 days at a time. It doesn't get much more conservative than that!

Reason #2:  With Short Window Retirement Planning®,  I carry the risk, not you         

Most planners and advisors ask you to trust them and their program.         

They say something to the effect of “give me your money and then I’ll deliver the value”.         

But unfortunately, all too often people give them money only to find that the value delivery failed to make any significant difference to their retirement funding.         

So if you’ve been through that experience of paying money to planners and investors but for you it didn’t work out, then you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to trust me ... you’re never “locked” into this program because I offer TWO Guarantees.

First Guarantee: This is a 15-day UNCONDITIONAL Guarantee. If in the first 15 days of the program you want your money back for ANY reason - the sun doesn’t come up, your car didn’t start, or your coffee was cold – or whatever, just email me at admin@DrRouseNow.com and I’ll immediately issue a refund with no questions asked

I’m 60+. I run a small program. I only deal with happy people. If you’re not happy with the program, I’m not going to try and convince you to stay.

If you think you found something that will work better, faster or easier to get you this type of result, OK. Go for it.  However, please let me know what it is. I’ve been in financial services for close to 40 years. 28 of those years as Certified Financial Planner before I retired and gave up the credential and I haven't found anything that comes close to the results this program consistently produces.

Second Guarantee: This is even better. I give you a full 36 month guarantee from the date of your acceptance into the program. If using the system as shown in the course after 36 months and trading only one contract of corn, the system will produce profits of at LEAST DOUBLE the cost of the course or we will refund every dollar you paid for the course.  In order to qualify for this extraordinary guarantee all I ask is that you complete the program as designed and show me your trading charts with your back and forward testing as detailed in the course. That's more than fair.

Short Window Retirement Planning® is backed by a carved-in-stone double guarantee.       

This means I carry the risk, not you.         

This is what I call “Risk Reversal” meaning that instead of you, my Student, carrying the risk, I’ll carry it instead.      

So...let me trust you, rather than me asking you to trust me.         

Now, isn’t that a refreshing change?

Reason #3: Short Window Retirement Planning®, is your Plan B. 

Maybe you’ve been working on your plan A for years and it just hasn’t done what it was supposed to do for you.

Maybe you’re building a business and the daily stress of it, all along with the near endless hours are taking a toll on you as well as those around you.

You’ve already seen the ones that made it to the top or even in that area of the top. It took them years and they had to live through many problems along the way. That’s a lot of stress which physically affects you. And you feel it every day.

Or, you already have a successful business now. And, for tons of reasons, you haven’t been able to actually keep much of the money that goes through your accounts each year.

Yes, it may be interesting and even exciting at times, but you don’t want to, or won’t be able to keep that pace well into your 80s and beyond.

Having the option to retire with the cash flow you need for life in the next 3-5 years is what having Short Window Retirement Planning® as your Plan B will do your you.

It relieves the stress and uncertainty of your Plan A.

It hedges your situation against competition and ever changing market and financial situations. And it reduces or eliminates the stress and gives you the freedom and peace of mind that your Plan A was supposed to do for you.


Reason #4: Short Window Retirement Planning®, is the ONLY system designed specifically for the unique needs and situations for people that are 50 and older.

Yes, folks in their 30s and 40s use this Cash-Machine System for faster financial independence to get a better work/life balance and a better quality of life. 

However, when you’re 50+ it starts to come to you that you’re at the halfway point and you realize that you’re not 100% certain that you’ll have enough money to retire in the lifestyle you want, if you could ever retire at all.

You have a very short window of time to do anything that is going to make any substantial difference in your retirement outcome. Trying to get another 2% better rate of return on what you have in retirement savings is just NOT going to get you the cash flow you’ll need for the next 10, 20 or 30+ years of your retirement.

That 30 year plan of the financial planners hasn’t worked for you for one or more of a dozen different reasons and you find yourself scouring the internet looking desperately for anything that seems to have any reasonable chance of saving your retirement hopes.

All the financial talking heads and the gurus have to offer is some modified version of the 30 year plan that hasn’t worked for you so far. And frankly, you’ve run out of time to make that model work anyway.

Short Window Retirement Planning®, is the ONLY system that understands that you don’t have the time or desire to sit in front of a computer for hours every day.

You don’t want to start a new business and recruit people. You don’t want to take $5,000 or more and try to find the next Google or Amazon stock.

Short Window Retirement Planning®, is the ONLY system that allows you to take control of your money and your life and can get you the cash flow you need to actually enjoy your retirement in less than 20 minutes a day after you learn the system.

And it only takes 1-2 hour a week for 9 weeks to learn the system before you test it for yourself before you trade it. That brings us to reason #5.

Reason #5: Short Window Retirement Planning®, is a reassuringly conservative approach.

Most people have no idea of what commodities are. Financial planners are NOT taught about commodities, because they don’t “sell” them like they do mutual funds, life insurance and annuities. So they try to scare people and tell them, you're going to lose all your money. If you only fund your account once with 5K and only risk 2-5% on any trade and you're only in a trade for a maximum of 4 days, it's near impossible to lose "all" of your money.

You end up starting with only a small part of your savings. It's in the market for a shorter period of time than your IRA of 401k. You get a substantially better rate of return AND it's 100% under your control.

Short Window Retirement Planning®, is a very simple AND Practical system to get you both the skills and the confidence in using them to make money.

Stage 1: Weeks 1-9 learn the theory & the system

Stage 2: Week 10 You Prove the System to yourself with backtesting and a minimum of 80% winning trades

Stage 3: Real Word testing for 90 days. You Prove it can make money and How you respond to real world conditions for a minimum of 70% winning Trades

Stage 4: Start trading a live account (real money) and start making real money

The program is like pilot training

Stages 1; A pilot goes to ground school for the theory and then goes into the flight simulator to get the actual practical skills. You’re doing the same thing.

Stage 2; This is your flight simulator. Now you get to prove to yourself that they system works. You didn’t need to take my word for it. You get the results yourself and PROVE the system did what I said it was going to do.

That’s great but you’re no ready yet. I don’t want you to rush out and start trading YET.

I said this was a reassuringly conservative approach. I meant that. 

You just proved to yourself the system worked. It did everything I said it was going to do. You have the practical skills and your backtesting to prove it. You’ve passed the flight simulator.

Stage 3; However, I want to take this one step further. Now I want you to forward test this in real time under real world conditions. I’m sending you up, but with a flight instructor to back you up until you get a few live hours under your belt.

I want to forward test this for 90 days. You put a trade on one day. You have to wait to see what happened the next day. …just like the real world.

At the end of 90 days you should be getting a minimum of 70% winning trades. You've proved to yourself that you can make money with the system. You’re almost ready.

Now we schedule 2nd personal call. I’ll personally review your forward testing results with you and answer any questions you may have at that time.

Stage 4; ONLY after that, do I recommend that you start trading with real money. It’s hard to be more conservative or more ready to trade than that.

Reason #6: As of today, Short Window Retirement Planning®, can be started with as little as $6,000 or two payments of $3,000 each and a $5,000 trading account after you finish the bulk of the program (about 5 months).

There should really only be one of two reasons you’re on this page.

Either you’re not 100% certain that you’ll have enough money to ever retire in the lifestyle you want.

Or, you’re not 100% certain that the money you’ve saved is going to be enough after at least, the 2 market crashes the will occur while you’re retired, and you don’t want that to impact your lifestyle when it happens.

Either way, you don’t like uncertainty, and if you’re like most people I speak with, you don’t like paying ongoing money management fees and constant commissions when the best "they" can do for you is maybe 12% on average, if you're lucky.

You can rest certain that if you’re accepted into this program, that we have no ongoing fees.

Unlike other programs, subscription services and Real Estate, ….

Our goal is to help you get, protect and enjoy your money, life and retirement.

I don’t want or need ongoing fees from Students. I run a small program and only let in a certain number of students each month because of my personal involvement with them and my limited time.

I want you to learn the system, get the skills, make money and move on for the next students. So I can continue to help as many people as possible by showing them how to be totally financially independent.

Reason #7: With Short Window Retirement Planning®, you limit any chance of losing money due to the wild swings in the stock market and their crashes that invariably occur every 7-10 years

With stocks and mutual funds 100% of your money is exposed to market risk 100% of the time.

With Short Window Retirement Planning®, your entire account, every dollar of it, is sitting in a cash account. If the market crashes, you feel bad for the people that have money in it, but you’re NOT one of them!

You only have money in the market when you have a trade on. That happens only 2-3 times a month. When you do put a trade on you’re only risking 2-5% of your account. The rest is still sitting in your cash account.

And, when you have a trade on, we’re only in the trade for a maximum of 4 days and you already know what the potential loss (if it happens) is going to be BEFORE you put the trade on.

That’s why I said, and most people agree, this is a reassuringly conservative approach that lets you sleep like a well fed baby with a dry diaper.

Reason #8: Short Window Retirement Planning®, once you’re set up, it takes less than 20 mins a day to run. 

After 20 or 30+ years of work don’t you think you’re entitled to a little time for yourself doing the things you want to do? I certainly think so. 

That’s why I designed Short Window Retirement Planning® in a very specific way to get you the results you want and the cash flow you need, in less than 20 minutes a day after you learn the system.

You’re retired or soon to be retired. You should be enjoying YOUR TIME, doing the things you want to do without worrying about the money. Golfing, playing tennis, entertaining, travelling … whatever indulges your passion. You get to define who you let into your circle. You’ve worked hard enough for years to fund that lifestyle and now you can have the time and money to enjoy it.

Reason #9: Short Window Retirement Planning® is designed to get you the cashflow you want and need for your retirement dreams to come true.

The system is designed to generate, in the first year of trading with real money, $30,000 to $50,000 on a $5,000 trading account with 70% wining trades. That’s right. Even with 30% losing trades the system, when used as designed, makes that money in the first year. But it doesn’t stop there.

As your trading improves, you internalize the system and make a few basic improvements in your procedures; you go from 70% to 75% winning trades.  So now in the second year with 75% winning trades, you trade the same 2 commodities. Only now you trade 2 contracts at a time for a scheduled $60,000 to $100,000 even with 25% losing trades.

At this point in time all the easy fixes were done. Now you’re just fine tuning the few things that you can affect. This may take a bit longer. …Maybe a year or two. When you get to 80% winning trades you should then start trading 3 to 5 contracts at a time and now should be making $120,000 to $250,000 and that’s with 20% losing trades.

And, I'm going to show you what no other financial advisor can show you, how to do it 100% tax free, with the IRS's blessing.

Did you ever think that you could make that much money in just 20 minutes a day without leaving the house?

You can easily see why the Greedy Money Insiders don't want you to know that you can get better results in less time with less risk and out perform all those "financial planners" without paying their commissions and fees. They will go to any lengths to keep you from learning about this program and the results that you can get without them!

Which brings us to…

Reason #10: Short Window Retirement Planning® makes more money as you improve your winning trading percentages with a system that can gives you a solid predictable cash flow into your 80s and beyond while still giving you the time to enjoy your life and your retirement

We don’t chase money. We follow procedures. A byproduct of following procedures is that we make money.

This is a performance-based system.

As we get better and our performance improves, we increase our wining trading percentages, our confidence increases, and we make more money.

Once learned, the system takes less than 20 minutes a day to run and there is no fixed time you “need” to be somewhere to do “something”.

Just 20 minutes a day from your kitchen table, the back yard or on a beach. You’ll need a laptop and the internet and you’re good to go.

Short Window Retirement Planning® generates the predictable cash flow you need well into your 80s and beyond. It keeps you mentally sharp, without any physical strain and frees up tons of time for you to do the things you’ve been dreaming of for years.

In addition to all that, if you’ve got kids, you can now leave them a serious legacy. Yes, you can leave them some money or a piece of Real Estate.

However, even more important than that, you can now show the kids how to trade. You’ll save them 20-30 years of working with people they don’t like, at jobs that don’t pay, that suck up their time doing things they’d rather not be doing. It's a skill that they can then pass on to their kids. Your kids will truly love you. It allows you to generate Multi-Generational Wealth leaving a legacy that will last past the kids and  grandkids. No other program can do that for you.


The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely and quite rightly believe that there is not only no better choice, there is simply no other choice to save your retirement and generate the cash flow that you want and need in the next 3-5 years in less than 20 minutes a day, starting with as little as a $5,000 trading account other than using the Cash-Machine System that is: Short Window Retirement Planning®.   

Jack Canfield

International Best Selling Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series, 250 titles and 500 million copies in print in over 40 languages

"If you want to take your life to the next level financially, take advantage of Dr Rouse and all that he has to help you get to where you want to go.

Lisa Nichols thoughts from "Break Through with Lisa Nichols"

Then see and hear what others have to say.

Brian Tracy

International best selling self-development author and motivational public speaker. He is the author of over seventy books that have been translated into dozens of languages.

"Dr Fred's refreshingly honest, solid and  predictable Short Window Retirement Planning really does look like the last best hope for thousands of people that are 50 and older to save their retirement and not work into their 70's and beyond just to survive."

I've never seen anything like this before

Joan s.

I'm 64 years old. I've never seen anything like this before. It would have made things much easier If I had this when I was 40. Thanks for making it so easy and affordable to get started. Now I can see how I won't have to worry about working at that diner forever. Maybe only another year or so. Thanks Dr Fred

I am in my third year of using QT and it has been awesome for me. It definitely has a learning curve but if you stick to what you are teaching and do not deviate then you WILL be successful. Too many people over think it, are afraid to trust what they have learned and also use other software besides the one you recommend. To make things simple, I use TN and only trade ZC and ZB. I wanted to follow your lead exactly because you are successful!!! I wish everyone would do the same. Also, I am putting together a short video testimonial that I will send to you when done. Thank you for all that you have done for me!!!

Jim B.

Excellent course for novice traders. Now I need to read through certain chapters again making notes. I can see myself in a year or two making a good living through trading. Also I need to learn the trading platform and get comfortable with that. I have taken other courses decades ago that didn't teach much and didn't leave one feeling very confident to trade. This course is the complete turn-key package one needs to start trading. I am confident that if I apply the knowledge I will enjoy an early retirement.

Steve P.

Edgewater, MD

I thought I would need to be working until the day I died before I saw this. Now I see a clear path to at least a comfortable retirement and I learned how to do it in less than 2 hours a week. I just followed the steps in the course. Now, just like you said I spend maybe 15 mins a day to look at a few charts. Thanks.


Syracuse, NY

I have been looking diligently for years for a way to trade and make money that is more concrete than just hoping a trade works out and sitting on pins and needles when it goes against me and I am trying to protect myself with various other trades as to minimize a loss. I love the markets and I know that there are many ways to trade a market and I like what Dr. Fred has shown on his 2 market report sheets of statistics of actual trades in his intro video. I am happy with the leverage, with only 2 markets to trade, end of day research and only trading a couple times a month and looking at the closed trades on his report sheets it looks like he has worked out a winning system that closes with a profit a large percentage of the time. This kind of trading should fit my personality that I have been looking for. I like that he comes to his clients with professionalism and with well known affiliates and is out there in the public and his information holds up under such a spotlight. Also the course instructs and builds on the foundation of really taking a close look at where we are as a person and where we desire to be and gives instruction to help us understand the 'science' behind a full and well thought out life. I think a person can then understand how to care for and what to do with the money that he makes to ensure that the life he has well thought about and designed for himself does become a reality. I look forward to giving this course all I have and use all my energies to ensure that I fully utilize all the benefits that the material instructs to me. I have not seen anything else that comes close to what Dr. Fred offers here, so for me this is very fortunate that I found him and the course he offers and I will not let this slip by me as I know the value that this is to me and my family. I have buckled up and am ready to move ahead on my journey and destination that I have envisioned.


Curtis W.

Pembrook, FL

I couldn't agree more Dr. Fred- this system works-you just have to follow it! Back testing is essential and then win rates of greater than 85% will happen. You don't need anything but this to make money in trading future commodities. I am indebted to you Dr. Fred for creating a system that will positively change the financial future for those of us who follow your system.

Karen R.

You definitely want Dr. Fred Rouse in your corner when it comes to setting yourself up for retirement. Dr. Fred cares deeply about his clients. He has a strong commitment to leading with integrity and serving at a high level. Dr. Fred has taken his finely tuned system, and made it accessible and safe-- so you can learn without risk, gain confidence in your ability to generate profitable trades, and then step into real action, generating real revenue for your retirement, without working tirelessly. He's the real money doctor that can save the day, by saving your retirement."

Kristin Thompson  CEO Rock Your Talk & National Speaker

I'm 64 years old. I've never seen anything like this before. It would have made things much easier If I had this when I was 40. Thanks for making it so easy and affordable to get started. Now I can see how I won't have to worry about working at that diner forever. Maybe only another year or so. Thanks Dr Fred

Joan S.

Palo Alto, CA

The course seems to have a good balance of information and goal setting. I can appreciate the development of patience being key to successful trading.

Del  T.

Las Vegas, NV

I am 64 years old and I hope to slow down and retire in the coming years. I want to learn how to work from home with just myself and the computer to help to make my retirement years more comfortable and enjoyable. I realize I am living with a fear of not having enough money to live comfortably when I retire. I am getting involved in furthering my education in making income and protecting it from taxes.

Cheryl J.

Miami, FL

As you can see from The REAL Money Doctor's Short Window Retirement Planning® graphic above, the course is three very basic steps; FOUNDATION, REALIZATION & RETIREMENT MASTERY.

Each step is broken into 3 simple easy to accomplish lessons that are provided one lesson each week over a nine week period. It's the most comprehensive course of it's type. By delivering only 1 lesson each week, we eliminate the distractions and overwhelm by allowing you to focus only on what you need to accomplish that week.


Gathering Your Resources; we'll cover a lot of financial  and retirement basics so that we all start with the same frame of reference. Retirement is more than just about the money. It's about your life and the ability to enjoy a lifestyle.

You Can See What People Think; gives an overview of the real reasons Why and How the markets move.

These are the basics that most unsuccessful traders ignore. These are also the same basics that EVERY successful trader not only understands but has internalized. You will too in just a matter of time after you complete this lesson

You'll also  learn that charts are simpler than you may have thought. By the time you complete this lesson you'll be reading charts as easy as reading the Sunday newspaper.

Inside Your Mind;  you will learn the basics of placing orders so we all speak the same language. That language has a very specific meaning so we can communicate with other traders, brokers and trading software so you can place your orders and make money..

You'll also learn the various types and methods of trading to see what might work best for you.

We also look at how our own age, education, job and experience affects how we think. This is exceptionally important to the we realize how our own experience can affect out trading decisions.


Setting Up Your Business will give you an overview of what business entities are available to you and the basic considerations in selecting the one that's right for your personal situation and where you intend to take you business.

This will be a light reading lesson because I want you to have time to consider and actually do the planning on what you'll need to do to set up the business entity you select.

Don't be lulled into thinking that this is easy, simple or unnecessary. Understanding your business entity will allow you to keep more of the money that you earn.

Controlling Your Future will give you exactly what you need to set up your own Business and Trading Plans. ...Having a written Business plan will guide your business. It's the overall direction that you want to take things.

Your written Trading Plan will help keep the emotions out of your decision making and keep you focused on the things that actually matter to your trading.

Don't worry if you've never done anything like this before. I make it VERY simple AND provide templates for BOTH.

Once you complete this lesson you'll be ahead of 80% of the other traders out there that simply fly by the seat of their pants and wonder why they can't make consistent money trading. That will NOT be a problem for you once you complete this lesson and apply what I teach in this course.

Knowing the Signals will give you an overview of the single thing that consumes 80% of traders. They chase after these signals like kids looking for more candy on Halloween. You know, as a good parent, that eating all that candy is just not good for them. 

So too with these signals. It's important to know they exist, but you just don't want to be eating all of them and more does NOT mean better.


Guarantee YOUR Success; is your next lesson. Every lesson is important in your journey to become a successful trader and to realize your Ultimate Secure Retirement. There are a few that are CRITICAL. This is the last of those lessons.

If you do nothing else in this course and you forget or ignore EVERYTHING else in this course, keep this uppermost in your mind right after you name and address. 

It is that basic and that important. You use your name over a dozen times during a day. You spend an amazing amount of time at your address during a week.

Whenever you remotely think about trading or investing:  ALWAYS THINK ABOUT TRADE MANAGEMENT.

Long Term Wealth; This is an extremely important lesson We'll start by discussing and comparing automated vs rule based trading systems. I want to make sure that you have this background so you don't get sucked into all the hype that surrounds automated trading and the "system bots" that will make you rich while you sleep. 

The next thing that we'll go over in great detail is How to Test ANY System. Knowing AND Using this information will save you tons of wasted time, energy and probably a wiped out trading account.

This is one of the many things that makes this course different from everything else that I reviewed for over ten years to develop this system.

Using the back testing as I'll show you will allow you to get a year's worth of trading experience in less that a day. It will quickly let you know if it's a real system that can be traded and how much money you could make with it and when. It will let you learn how the commodity you're testing reacts over time. It lets you see just how often a real money making trade develops so you don't over-trade your account and lose money.major things that already had

Quiet Trader System; Everything to this point was getting you ready for the amazingly simple and easy to use Quiet Trader System. All will be revealed as you get the hands on skills so you can prove to yourself that the System works as you back test it and get 80% winning trades. However, we don't stop there. Now you get to prove to yourself that you can apply those skills and actually make money with the System as you forward test it for 90 days and get a minimum of 70% winning trades in real time when no one can control what's happening in the world. Now you're ready to open your live account as you completely understand and be able to use this system in less than 20 minutes a day so you can live the worry free lifestyle you've dreamed of  ...the one that you want and deserve.

Most people would normally think that's already amazing and more than they ever thought they'd get in this life altering course.

So there you have it....



Yes, It's a very simple question.

However it's one that we need to ask.

If not this program NOW...then What program and When?

Once you hit age 50 your retirement path is pretty much set and there is really only a very short window of time available to make ANY meaningful change that is going to affect the result that we're going to have to live with the rest of our lives.

If doing what you've done in the first 50 years of your life was going to have any real effect on your retirement and your ability to enjoy it, then why have you been cruising the internet looking for ways to make more money?

If you keep doing what you've done, do you REALLY think that you're going to get a different result by doing more of it faster or harder?

If you want a different result, if you want the retirement that you want and deserve, without having to worry about working well into your 70s and beyond to just barely survive, then you just don't have the time. Everything is working against you at this point in your life.

That's WHY I developed Short Window Retirement Planning®. It's literally the last best hope that you may have to get the ultimate secure retirement that you want and deserve at an age young enough to enjoy it.

Because if not this now...then what and when?

" Dr Fred Rouse is The Real Money Doctor. Every time he shares content and information you should listen. He is battle tested and consistent, and has a message that hits most people right when they need it most. In a time when the majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and have less than $10,000 in savings, we need a voice like Dr Fred's to help us create a better future for ourselves.

Greg Rollett

International Best Selling Author, 7 Figure Entrepreneur, Business Coach, CEO and Emmy Award winning Producer

 Nick Nanton 

32x EMMY Award Winning Producer & International Best Selling Author 

Dr Fred has authentic and entertaining insights into life, money, taxes and retirement that people can actually use to improve their lives.

"If you want to take your life to the next level financially, take advantage of Dr Rouse and all that he has to help you get to where you want to go.

Jack Canfield

International Best Selling Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series, 250 titles and 500 million copies in print in over 40 languages 

My husband has been laid off three times in the last 5 years. What little pension money we had, we had to use. Thanks for making the course so affordable. When I started my family thought I was crazy getting your course. Now they want to know how we're doing it and how we turned things around. Dr. Fred, your course walked us through everything. Thanks

Jen T.
Knoxville TN

I thought today's initial lesson was very informative. For my wife and I, we have 10-15 years to use this program to assist with our current retirement savings plans. My husband has been laid off three times in the last 5 years. What little pension money we had, we had to use. Thanks for making the course so affordable. When I started my family thought I was crazy getting your course. Now they want to know how we're doing it and how we turned things around. Dr. Fred, your course walked us through everything. Thanks

Jay & Victoria G.
 Nashville TN

I am 64 years old and I hope to slow down and retire in the coming years. I want to learn how to work from home with just myself and the computer to help to make my retirement years more comfortable and enjoyable.

Cheryl J.
 Miami FL

I'm 65 with very little saved for retirement and SS as my only income. I believe the Quiet Trader System will provide enough additional income over the course of my remaining years. And will make it possible to travel and smell the roses !!

Walt C.
 Tuscalossa AL

Dr Fred, I never traded before. I thought that was something they just did on Wall Street. I didn’t know anything about commodities either before taking your course. I was more than a little nervous at first. The double guarantee helped, but honestly I had nowhere else to go. At 61 I was getting “eased” out of my job. With my husband on disability and his small SS check, we didn’t have a lot of money saved and my 401k was just starting to get back to where it was before the last crash. I had to do something and your course was it. The winning trades are consistent and the money is really starting to flow in every month. I’m still only trading one contract at a time but it looks like I’ll be moving up to two contracts soon and my profits should double then just like you showed in your course. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve turned around what was about to be a dismal existence to something that Marty and I can look forward to. Bless you.

Jessica B. 
Modesto CA

I'll be 68 this Monday. 16 years ago I was married with 3 children living paycheck to paycheck. I realized I had to do a lot better and got a union job with a northeast commuter railroad. Tripled my income and put a substantial amount of money in my retirement funds. Even so, hitting this home run for my family l'm still only in the 8% bracket mentioned earlier in the first lesson. I need to hit another homer! Having retired last month I was stunned how little I'll have to live on. So my goal is to live my retirement out with no debt and with an income stream so I don't have to worry about money. I think this course has the tools backed by experience to provide me with the step by step knowledge that I can wrap my head around and be successful. And then maybe I can help somebody.

Stephen P.

I have only been through the first lesson and already feel better. It has given me goals to set and things to think about. I feel Dr Rouse is truly interested in helping. And now for the rest, here I go!

Joyce H.
 Monroe NC

I am optimistic at this point especially given that I am not sure exactly what to expect. But I am looking forward to learning about having an income that will allow me to grow my retirement (which for all practical purposes is non-existent for a variety of reasons) and at the same time have an income that will allow me the flexibility to travel, give to charity and enjoy some free time without being attached to a 40 hour work week indefinitely. I am also excited about the possibility of not being reliant on social security when I retire.

Gina S.
 Albuquerque NM

My husband and I are both self-employed in our 60's. We still put in long hours each day and are seeing that it is becoming harder to maintain the energy that it takes to keep up. We have retirement income from dividend stocks that we are reinvesting but want to have another source of income so that we will be able to fully enjoy our retirement. The price of living will only go up! We are excited to learn the trading formula that will ensure our success.

Lauretta H.

Garlang TX

I lost over 40% of my retirement money in the last market crash and it took me over 4 years just to get back to even. Your system has me in and out of trades in 1-4 days. The Ultimate Secure Retirement Rx will keep me out of major market crashes and still shows me how to make a large number of consistent winning trades that make money. Thanks Dr. Fred.

Mike B. 
St Cloud MN

Without a doubt, the single best investment I made in my 34 years of working. No one ever showed me how simple it really is. It would have been nice if I knew about this years ago. I would have stopped working then. I like the way I can make money every month just by spending 10 minutes looking at a couple of charts at the end of the day.

Mark A. 
Athens TX

I am just on my first week. And I see now I have to be patient from week to week. Go through course and at the end I should have a clearer picture. I can tell you right now, I am excited with this course.

Little Rock, AK

I never traded before. Your course made sense to me. I feel like this is the best way for me get control of my money and my life. Thanks, Dr Fred

Tanya N. 
Olympia WA

I had my own business for years. The daily hustle of trying to make money and dealing with customers, employees and suppliers got old years ago. This is the best thing I've seen in all that time. On top of being a great way to make money with almost no effort and less that 20 minutes a day, knowing how to make it totally tax free is amazing. Not one CPA, stockbroker or attorney EVER told me how to do this. Thanks Dr Fred.

Joe M. 
Minneapolis MN

Thanks again for access to this course. I have found it very interesting. There is a lot of information, all of which I was not even aware existed. I am excited for the opportunity, but also realize how much I don't know, and how much I still need to learn. Overall, I find the information really helpful and, again, and very grateful for the opportunity.

Zack V. 
Exton PA                

Without any knowledge about commodities trading before taking the QT course, I’ve learned quite a lot. There’s still much to learn. I’m extremely motivated to master the system and become a successful trader. The course is not hard to follow but you must read the material several times in order to fully grasp it.

Walt C. 
Tuscaloosa AL                

I'm 64 years old. I've never seen anything like this before. It would have made things much easier If I had this when I was 40. Thanks for making it so easy and affordable to get started. Now I can see how I won't have to worry about working at that diner forever. Maybe only another year or so. Thanks Dr Fred

Joan S.
Palo Alta CA

Dr Fred, I didn't know anything about money and investing before I got started. This covered all the basics first. I feel like I finally know what's going on. This is the best thing I've seen in years. I finally have a way out.  I don't have to worry about moving in with the kids any more.  In fact, I'll have enough money soon that I can start helping them. Thanks

Chris D.
Cottonwood AZ

Dr Fred, I moved down to Tampa from New York city for the weather and to cut my expenses. My Social Security and small pension checks were not going as far as I thought they would. I was beginning to feel panicked. I was on facebook and I saw the video from your book launch and then got your mini course. It's like you were in my head. You described me to a T. It was a bit of a jump for me taking your course but I didn't see any other way that at least gave me a chance. I'm glad I did it. I never traded before. You covered everything. I didn't know how much I didn't know about money and how to make it. Your system made sense and was easy to learn, even for me. I'm not that young any more. I just did what you said in the course and I'm starting to make some money consistently. I'm not getting rich overnight. I am making money every month and my account is growing. I don't have that stress anymore. Instead of worrying about running out of money, now I have to figure out who I want to leave the excess to. Thanks. You've made all the difference in the world to me.

Bernie T.
Tampa FL


Can I double my investments on trades? 

Doubling your money on a single trade is a lofty promise. And, while many of my Students double, even triple their investments in as little as 90 days once they start their live trading, I do not feel comfortable promising you the same results. However, they are simply following the System, so their success "can" be yours if you work at it.

Can I make a Million Dollars with this program? I worked with a financial planner and they told me I needed a million dollars to be able to retire comfortably.

This program is NOT designed to get you some crazy big number so you can say you have that much money. When ever, and if ever, you work through ANY financial/retirement calculator or with a "planner" it, he/she will focus on that crazy big number that makes you fees bad or inadequate for not having it, or so that you can buy more financial products that will actually never get you there because you don't have 30+ years for it to grow or the cash flow to fund it.

That big crazy number is ONLY intended to do just one thing. That one thing is to be able to generate sufficient annual cash flow for you to live a comfortable retirement.

This program is designed to give you a very clear, focused and structured path and system, the ONLY path and system possible if you're 50 and older, to generate a consistent predictable cash flow that you can have and use well into your 80's and beyond by trading ONLY 2 commodities, on average, 20 minutes a day, just 2 to 3x per month per commodity.


Will this system work for everyone? Who will it work for? Will it work for me?

No system is a perfect fit for everyone.

1. If you already have over $5M you're probably not on this page, don't need this program and are not one of our Clients or Students.

2. If you have close to or just over $1M you can use this program to diversify what you have and protect yourself from the next market crash.

3. If someone is at a point in their financial life that they're worried that might not be able to pay the rent, make the next mortgage payment or pay the utility bill then this is not going to be for them. Would it help, yes. But someone that is under that amount of financial stress is NOT going to be able to go through the program and do the back and forward testing to get the skills they need to be able to trade with a clear head and probably won't be able to get the money they need to open a trading account.

For the people between 2 and 3 above, the "normal" "average"  guy or gal that has been working for the last 20, 30, 40+ years and because of life circumstances just hasn't been able to put enough money off to the side in savings to be 100% certain that they can comfortably retire, then Yes, you're in the right place, this will work for you.

How soon before I see money out of the system? 

Most people coming into this program have been unable to save or invest enough money in the last 20-30+ years of their working life. We can't make up for this overnight. It's 8 weeks of learning about money, business, trading and yourself. Then in week #9 you learn the actual Quiet Trader EOD System. In week #10 you start your backtesting and applying the system. This is where you get a year's worth of trading experience. You should have that done in apx 5-8 hours for the two commodities that you select to trade and be an expert in. Once you finish your backtesting then you start your forward testing for the next 90 days. The program has a STRONG FOCUS on testing Before you put any money into the markets. We go out of our way to make sure that you're ready and have the strong hand's on practical skills before you ever risk a dime in the market. This is the ONLY System specifically designed to keep you out of as many bad trades as possible.  ...Not to try to get you into tons of trades where you end up losing money.

How much time does it take to learn? 

The system requires at least a 1 to 2 hours per week commitment on your part to learn for at least 10 weeks. We're talking about saving your retirement and having enough money for the rest of your life. At this point in your life, you should know there is NO quick fix for the last 30 years of not consistently saving and investing $700-$1,000 per month. One to 2 hours a week on average should be enough for most people to go through a lesson. We find that most serious students go through a lesson 3-4 times before the next lesson becomes available.

Can I go through the course faster? 

The program is set up to deliver one lesson a week for 9 weeks. In the past we used to provide the entire program at one time. We found that a couple of students were overwhelmed with the information. We have since changed the program and open ONLY one section a week for 9 weeks. This way no one is overwhelmed. Everyone has the time to go through a lesson several times AND it develops patience since the trades generally come up only 2-3 time per month per commodity. 

How much time does it take to use? 

Once you learn the system, it takes less than 20 minutes a day to check the two commodity charts that you will become an expert in and trade the system .

What type of support can I expect? 

The entire program is designed as a do it yourself course to have you become a totally independent trader that will not rely on any additional outside services. It was initially written to be simple enough for Dr Fred's then 15 year old son to be able to go through the course on his own. It is not a great polished literary work, so don't expect one. It is Dr Fred, in basically a conversational mode, going through the information that you'll need to have that background (the first 8 weeks of the program) to understand the Quiet Trader EOD Trading System presented in week 9 and then to use that system in your own back testing in week 10.

We have found that most all questions are answered as you go through the course. However...

You are NEVER completely on your ownIn each module you are asked for your feedback so we can improve the course as we go. There is a Student discussion group for EACH lesson that you can access from inside the program.  You can also email your questions to our tech support staff at our help desk. A link is provided in EACH module so you're never more than a click away from help if you need it.

The goal is to go through the course for 9 weeks, back tested your 2 commodities for an entire year in week 10 and then forward tested them in your simulated account for another 90 days, giving you tons of hands on practical experience in trading BEFORE you ever risk even one dollar of your trading account.

What if I don't have much money to trade with? 

Not a problem... I want you to start by testing the system without any money in an account to make sure you know how to make money. You won't go anywhere a live account that will need to be funded for at least 5 months. After that you can begin with as little as $500 to start although the system is designed for a starting $5,000 account for the quickest and best results.

Can this course make me a Professional Trader? 

The course is NOT designed to make you a professional trader. There are only a handful of "Traders" that can continue to trade (their own money) for more than several years.  Most lose their money in search of the "Holy Grail" (that they never find) that will make them rich. They wake up every day always looking for the next hot trade and are in search of as many "entry signals" as they can find. Dr Fred designed this program to help people Get, Protect and Enjoy, their Money, Life and Retirement. This is a retirement program that just happens to use commodity trading as it's base. It was designed this way because Dr Fred, after 30+ years in business has found no other way for people to get the returns they need when they are 50 and older in just 20 mins a day trading only 2 commodities only 2 to 3 times a month/commodity on average. The idea of the program is that you can get the cash flow you'll need for a VERY comfortable retirement without starting a full time business or career when you should be enjoying your life.

Does this come with a money back guarantee? 

Absolutely. Try my System for 15 days on me. If it doesn't live up to every word I'm saying, and meet every expectation you have in that first 15 days, simply email me for a prompt and friendly refund.  After that, the second guarantee kicks in. That's the industry unheard of full 36 month guarantee; from the date of your purchase, using the system as shown in the course after 36 months and trading only one corn contract, the system will produce profits of at LEAST double the cost of the course or I will refund every dime you paid for the course. In order to qualify for this extraordinary guarantee all I ask is that you complete the course as designed and show me your trading charts with your back and forward testing as detailed in the course. I think that's more than fair. Short Window Retirement Planning® is backed by this carved-in-stone double guarantee.

If I get this system can you guarantee that I'll make the money I need to retire comfortably?

If you're on this page you're probably 50 or older. You've probably been working for the last 20, 30 or 40+ years and are not 100% certain that you have enough money to retire comfortably. If you're on this page you've probably been cruising the internet trying to find some way, any way, that will help in your situation.  By the time you've got to this page you already know that there's pretty much absolutely nothing that you can do that is going to make ANY substantial difference in your retirement. There's no way that the money you have saved already, or can possibly save in the next 5 to 10 years is ever going to generate enough money so that you can come close to being able to retire comfortably. So NO, We can't guarantee that you'll make enough, or any money for that matter, with this program. We don't know what you work ethic is; if or how you learn and use the system. Or, how committed you are to achieving a result. Obviously things have happened in your life that have gotten you to this point. We just don't know if you've actually decided to do what is necessary and put in the time and work needed to make a difference. What we can guarantee, without any hesitation, is that this is the last best chance you have to save your retirement. What you decide to do with it is TOTALLY up to you.

Can I use this system if I've never traded before? 

Absolutely. I created it for beginners. It just so happens that professional traders can use it as well. 

I saw the CFP Board permanently barred Dr. Rouse. What's going on with that?

The CFP Board tried to smear retired Dr. Rouse, making totally unsubstantiated allegations against him, well over 6 months AFTER he told them he didn't want to play their game anymore, retired, and gave back the credential.

The CFP Board is at best, an unwitting extension of the Greedy Money Insiders that Dr. Rouse has been fighting against for years.

They don't want you to know about the 30 year lie of traditional financial planning and how it almost guarantees that you’ll need to work into your 80s and severely cut back your lifestyle just to survive. Or how inflation, rising taxes, health care costs, and stock market crashes will destroy the dismal returns that financial planners can get you, leaving you looking for work when employment prospects, your age and health are most compromised.

They don't want you to know you don't have to settle for 10-12% returns on mutual funds or the hidden 4% return on annuities as they pocket those commissions and management fees that you constantly pay them.

They don't want you to know how easy it is, to get a substantially better return in less time with less money, and less risk while your money is under YOUR control.

That’s why Dr. Rouse is fighting to expose the Greedy Money Insiders and shows his Students how to by pass them so Students can get control over their lives and their money.