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Retirement  Planning 

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During This New Free Training You Will Discover:

1. How Quit Your Job and NEVER "NEED" to worry about working into your 80s just to survive

2. How to Avoid Losing 35-50% of Your Money during Market Crashes (and it has nothing to do with anunities or insurance)


3. How to Get AND Maintain the Cash Flow You'll Need for Your Retirement that YOU Control

4. How to Get and Enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve at an age young enough so you can still enjoy it

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About Your Presenter

Yes, I'm an International best selling author having written individual books with both Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) and Brian Tracy (legendary international businessman and speaker).

Yes, I have a Doctorate in Busines Adminstration and a PhD in Taxsation Special as well as being a Certified Financial Planner.

And you wouldn't want or expect anything less when it comes to helping you and your family with your retirement needs.

However, what's really important is that beyond my personal background, on top of my training, professional credentials, books I've written, national publications, TV, and cable networks I've been seen on is that...

I’ve worked with select individuals and small business with 0-6 employees for close to 40 years. And since 2010, when I opened this program to the public, I've been showing these same folks how to get  REAL results that make a difference for their retirement.

And in the end, after everything is said and done, you're looking for someone to help you to achieve a result so that you can have the ultimate secure retirement that you once dreamed of.

I'm here to help you get just that.

Dr Fred Rouse

The REAL Money Doctor

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