Cost – Dr Rouse Now


because your account is underperforming?

What's it COSTING YOU in REAL Dollars?

And once you Know, What can you do about it to stop losing Your money?

Up until now, most folks didn't know the answer to either of those questions.

Maybe you're not certain yourself.   ...It's NOT your fault.

The Greedy Money Insiders don't want you to know. They've been keeping the truth from you, your parents, and grandparents for years because it's in their interests that you don't know.

They like it when you don't know and end up working for years pay check to paycheck, month to month, in that job or business that you may own.

It doesn't matter if you're making 80K-130K a year. Or if you're making 130K-450K per year.

It never seems to be enough with inflation, rising taxes, healthcare costs, or the stock market crashes that happen every 7-10 years and can take up to 16 years just to get back to breakeven.

You're a reasonably smart person. You've made it this far in life and you're nowhere near destitute.

You know that you NEED to have your money working for you.

That 4-6% that you may see in that annuity or life insurance police just isn't doing it for you.

The 8-12% that the financial planners tell you you can get over a period of time doesn't seem to be working either with the constant market ups and downs to downright crashes. 

We've only used 50% in this example as the Benchmark Rate of Return. It's considerably less that the 1st Quarter returns generated by the Short Window Retirement Cash-Machine System as shown below.

Results from the Dow vs Short Window Retirement Planning:

Cash-Machine System 

1st Qt Dow vs Short Window Retirement Planning Cash-Machine System as of 3/24/2023

1st Qt Dow vs Short Window Retirement Planning Cash-Machine System as of 3/29/2024

Let's change things and put YOU in control. 

First: Lets find out how much money you're losing.

Next; Lets find a way to STOP losing that money.

Go ahead and plug in even half of the returns (Total Account ROI) to see how much you're losing because of the Greedy Money Insiders

Plug in the numbers yourself

Start with $5,000 for just 5 years

Put in your ACTUAL Rate of Return, even 12 % if your think you can get it consistently

For the Benchmark Rate put in just half or even 25% of what the Short Window Retirement Cash-Machine System has done. See the Summary above.

Hit the calculate button and scroll down.

According to MarketWatch: Of those that are working past the "traditional" retirement age,  nearly all, 92%, indicated they need or want more money for retirement. 

With the amount of money folks are losing every year because of their money underperforming, that's not a surprise.

Next; Lets find a way to STOP losing that money.

Reimagine Retirement