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Watch the video below to see the exact system

Watch the video above to see the exact system

What Folks are saying...

 I have experienced a 100% win to loss ratio

Robert B. 84 Year Old Retired Engineer

Within the first two weeks of starting live trading, I have experienced a 100% win to loss ratio; and I have reached my monthly equity goal already. I am very pleased with this system. It is the first time in my trading history that I have actual confidence that I am really trading a system, and not just guessing (gambling) on trade outcomes.

I realize a little more each day how complete this system is for successfully placing trades. I wonder how I could have developed such a complete and effective trading system, and I can not think of an answer. I am just amazed how powerful a tool this system is.


Peter L

I LOVE THIS COURSE. It is so much more than what I thought it would be. Just the right amount of HOW TO with a heaping dose of LET'S DO THIS RIGHT AND RUN IT LIKE THE BUSINESS THAT IT IS! This course has begun to show me how to hone the mindset and skills to become a successful trader and radically change my financial situation and my future retirement years. There is a method to the madness and Dr. Rouse has figured it out . I am looking forward the near future where I can do things because I WANT to, rather than because I HAVE to.

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