Ideal Business – Dr Rouse Now
Thinking about a Plan B and starting your own business here are

10 Key Points of an Ideal Business

An ideal business is one that:

1. Could Run from Home (low overhead)

2. Has No Set Hours (allows you to work a regular W-2 type job until you’re ready to quit that job)

3. Has No Inventory (no large sums money sitting on a shelf, no product to physically handle or a service that ties up your time)

4. Has No Need for Special Skills (years of school, special training or lengthy certifications)

5. Needs No Employees (generally more headaches than what they're worth)

6. Has Little or No Government Interference or Oversight (you get to run your own business without the government trying to be your partner)

7. Has Low Start Up Costs is Easy to Get Involved with and CAN Make Money by Itself (You don't need a second mortgage or to empty the IRA and is easy to start and run.)

8. Is at least neutral or Morally Good for Society (aids the individuals involved at all levels, business Owner (you) and Customers alike)

9. Allows You to Sleep at Night (no need to worry about what you're doing coming back to bite you or embarrass you and the family)

10. Actually Makes Money Over the Long Term (no get rich quick schemes, if it can't do this you don't have a business it’s a scam)

The REAL Money Doctor's Ideal Business