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New Live Masterclass from Multiple Best Selling Author Dr Fred Rouse, CFP The REAL Money Doctor

Reveals 7 Keys for You to Survive, Recover & Thrive in Challenging Times

  • Live Recovery Masterclass: 3 Hr Live Broadcast with Q&A Session
  • The END of YOUR EMPLOYMENT, 10 Keys to Your Ideal Business How to Quit Your Job, Stop Your Money Worries and Start Living Life on Your Terms
  • 5 Keys To Your ULTIMATE SECURE RETIREMENT© Mini Course
  • Only $99 for the first 100 to register ($199 after we reach 100 registrants)

Here's the 7 steps we're going to teach in "RECOVERY"

  1. 1
    R  Realize where you’re at right now:  Because for you to move forward you need to know exactly where you’re at and we’ll define the 4 critical areas that you may be overlooking and preventing you from surviving, recovering and moving forward to thrive.
  2. 2
    E Evaluate your current resources: so you can see what you have available to you as you move forward. We take 4 specific areas and show you how to evaluate their effectiveness in your life so you can survive, recover and move forward and thrive in the new world that’s coming
  3. 3
    C Control what you can: Understanding Money, time and your life; How we make money, where to find it in a crisis and the 3 things that affect how to make it grow so you can take full advantage of what you have.
  4. 4
    O Organize Time, energy, money, life:How Grave to Life Planning can simplify your life and how to fill in the details so you get the maximum benefit as you recover, move forward and thrive in the new world.
  5. 5
     V Vision Your Plan B: When your Plan A is only marginally working or ripped out completely because of circumstances outside of your control, You need a Plan B. I’ll show you what that means and how you can set up your Plan B so that your life is Not turned upside down when the next crisis hits.
  6. 6
    E Energize your Actions: I’ll show you the best ways to get the vision in your mind to a real world reality with well defined actions steps that clear the pathways for you to recover and thrive in the new changing world
  7. 7
    R Retirement goals: Because no one can or wants to work forever. I define what retirement is and show you how to Get, Protect & Enjoy Your Money, Life and Retirement Giving you more options for what you want to do with your time, money and life so you can actually have your new world retirement at an age young enough to enjoy it and never need to worry about the money again.

Dr Fred Rouse, CFP

Dr. Fred Rouse Is The Top Certified Financial Planner And Award-Winning International Bestselling Author Of The Soul Of Success With
Jack Canfield.


He Co-Authored A 2nd Best Seller Cracking The Code To Success With Brian Tracy.


He Developed Short Window Retirement Planning. The Only Program
Designed Specifically For People In Their 50s & 60s Showing How To Retire In Just 3-5 Years Starting With As Little As $10,000.

Dr Fred Rouse

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I didn't know anything about investing...

Dr Fred, I didn't know anything about money and investing before I got started. This covered all the basics first. I feel like I finally know what's going on. This is the best thing I've seen in years. I finally have a way out.  I don't have to worry about moving in with the kids any more.  In fact, I'll have enough money soon that I can start helping them. Thanks

Chris D. //  Cottonwood, AZ

Single Best Investement I made in my 34 years of working...

Without a doubt, the single best investment I made in my 34 years of working. No one ever showed me how simple it really is. It would have been nice if I knew about this years ago. I would have stopped working then. I like the way I can make money every month just by spending 10 minutes looking at a couple of charts at the end of the day.

Mark A. // Athens, TX

 Thanks for making the course so affordable....

My husband has been laid off three times in the last 5 years. What little pension money we had, we had to use. Thanks for making the course so affordable. When I started my family thought I was crazy getting your course. Now they want to know how we're doing it and how we turned things around. Dr. Fred, your course walked us through everything. Thanks

Jen T. // Knoxville TN

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