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You wanted to see the trades for yourself for 2023, here they are...

From the Short Window Retirement Planning: Cash-Machine System 

In a hypothetical situation;

If you put $5,000 into a trading account using the Faster Financial Independence with Short Window Retirement Planning System  (without commissions and fees); Trading just 2 commodities, there's basically 20 and you can trade ANY 2 you want.  I traded one contract of Corn and one contract of 30 Year Bonds you would have had:

Executive Summary: 

The Details:

Corn 2023 Short Window Retirement Planning

30 Year Bonds  2023 Short Window Retirement Planning and 

TOTAL Year to date Profit, Account Value, and % Return

Using the Short Window Retirement Planning System in the same situation with the same 5K account (without commissions and fees); If you traded just 2 commodities, One contract of Corn and one contract of 30 Year Bonds you would have had:

28 Corn trades with a total profit of $13,452.00 up 269%

You would have been in the market for a total of 39 trading days with your Corn Trades

45 Bond trades with a total profit of $39,303.00 up 771%

You would have been in the market for a total of 66 trading days with your Bond Trades

Total days in the market in the Dow: 249

Total days in the market with Short Window Retirement Planning: 105

Short Window Retirement Planning: Less Risk, Fewer days in market and Higher Profit than the Dow.

Year to Date REAL Dollar Profit from closed trades on this 5K account: $52,755.00

For a 1055% ROI for a Total Account Value of $57,755 on a 5K account

That is NOT an annualized return. It's the actual return year to date.

It's obvious you can't live on that amount. It IS a nice supplement to whatever else you may have coming in. And, it's only part of the year, that's only trading 1 contract of each commodity at a time. 

When you start trading 3-5 contracts at a time, the way the program is designed, you have 3-5 times the profits. That leaves most people by the end of the year feeling relatively happy and content with a very nice lifestyle from a source of income that they control that is unaffected by the crazy things that happen in the world and the markets.

I Can't guarantee that you'll get those results. However that's what the system clearly did so far this year.

The system does NOT trade, or try to trade every day. 

It only trades when specific system conditions are met.

Yes, there WILL be losing trades.  Three this year (3/9/23 Corn;  9/5/2023 & 11/29/2023 Bonds) and One last year on 6/8/22. 

Its the ONLY system designed to keep you out of as many losing trades as possible. 

You make money by default.

Just for reference.

Here's what the same $5,000 has done in the DOW ...up 85% for 4,250.00 in real dollars for the year.

You finally broke even from Jan 2022 on week end 12/08/2023. 

It closed this year up for an average 7% return for two years.

See the trades for 2022, click here to go to

If you put $5,000.00 into the Dow Jones DJIA (without commissions and fees) on the first trading day available this year, as of the close Friday (12/29/23) it would worth a $9,554 in REAL dollars. That's right. It's up for a 91% return for the year. AND, yet, it's still only up $720.00 or 7% per year from Jan 2022.

It's inconceivable to live on $720 for 2 years. 

It's considerably easier to live on $109,200.00 That's the total profit on this 5K account from 2022 and 2023 year to date. Traditional Financial Planning CAN'T come close. It's a smaller account to start, less time in the market means less risk for a higher return AND it's ALL under YOUR control.

So never believe that 20-26% number they keep throwing around when the Dow is down like it was all of last year. Look at the effect on a REAL $5K account. Because you can't pay for things you want and need with a percent return. You pay for things with REAL dollars.

A 1 point move in the Dow equals $10.00 in REAL dollars.

And without trying to mentally and financially recover from losing ALL of your 5K account on the 10/13/22 low of 28661 that had you down 159% with an account value of -$7,935. You would have lost ALL of your original 5K and still been in the hole for another $2,935

According to MarketWatch: Of those that are working past the "traditional" retirement age,  nearly all, 92%, indicated they need or want more money for retirement. 

Most folks can easily see why the CFP Board went after Dr. Rouse 6 months AFTER he retired and told them he didn't want the credential anymore. They and the Greedy Money Insiders don't want you to know that you can get better results in less time with less risk and out perform them all without paying their commissions and fees.

See the trades for 2022, click here to go to

The Short Window Retirement Planning returns are not a value that changes every day with the market's ups and downs.

It's all under your control. Without people, products, or stress; in less than 20 minutes a day, without disrupting your existing job/business, social life, or chasing real estate deals, FOREX, Options, or mysterious cryptocurrencies.

This is what happens with a predictable, duplicatable system.

And, because it only trades 2-3 times per month per commodity on average, our maximum time in the market is only 4 days per trade.

Sleep better, work less, and enjoy retirement sooner using this proven system!

See the details of how Short Window Retirement Planning can make this happen and you can too!

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because your account is underperforming?

Plug in the numbers yourself

Start with $5,000 for just 3 years

Put in your ACTUAL Rate of Return, even 12 % if your think you can get it consistently

For the Benchmark Rate put in just half or even 25% of what the Short Window Retirement Cash-Machine System has done.

Hit the calculate button and scroll down.